Exploding 9 Myths: How Architects and Contractors Really Select Building Products

Dodge Data and Analytics is the leading market research firm in the A+D industry, and they just released a report called Exploding 9 Myths: How Architects and Contractors Really Select Building Products. I found it to be interesting reading, and if you're involved in selling to architects, designers or contractors, I think you'll find it interesting too.

Exploding 9 Myths: How Architects and Contractors Really Select Building Products

Here are the 9 myths Dodge puts forward in this report:

  1. There’s Little Opportunity Once a Project Has Started
  2. Architects Only Pick Products They’ve Used
  3. Architects Have No Interest in New Products
  4. Our Salesforce is Our Best Marketing Tool
  5. Most Specifications are Proprietary
  6. Only Low Cost Products Make the Final Cut
  7. Contractors Have Little Influence on Products
  8. Contractors Will Contact My Distributors/Suppliers
  9. Few Products in the Spec Get Installed

If you'd like to read the full reports, including the opportunities to profit off of these myths, click here to download it.

Get Website Analytics in Real Time on Your Phone

We’re excited to announce the new Squarespace Analytics app is now available to download on iOS and Android devices. The app offers you access to key insights and website analytics while on the go.


Elegant new interface
The app presents rich and detailed business metrics in a clean, easy-to-use dashboard, reimagined for smaller screens. Check key metrics at a glance and drill down into more granular views to uncover actionable insights.


Monitor traffic trends and visitor activity

  • Traffic Sources: Measure the impact of your marketing efforts on website traffic and revenue.
  • Activity Log: Discover insights about website visitors, including geographical locations and site paths.

Customizable views and date ranges
View more historical data with an updated date picker, which now includes new time frames and the ability to set custom date ranges.

The new Squarespace Analytics app is available as a free download at the iOS and Google Play app stores for anyone with a Squarespace account.


Pop & Porter will need to assign you as an Analytics admin user on your site's back end before you're able to view your stats. If you would like to use the Analytics app, please email us to request Analytics admin permissions on your account.