Social Media Management

While "social media" may now be forever ingrained in our marketing lexicon, the bottom line is that not all social media is right for every business. We're here to help you sort out what may work for you, and to tell you when not to try to jump on the social bandwagon. We're big believers that unless you're going to devote dedicated time and effort to each social media channel you plan to be on, you're better off not being on it than having a weak presence.

For anyone in the architecture, design or contract furniture fields, we really like Instagram. Its visual nature lends to the types of creatives that can specify your products on projects they're working on. While it's yet to be determined whether or not products that architects and designers see on Instagram influence their design decisions, we think being in front of them in an environment they enjoy really couldn't hurt your chances.

If you think Instagram or other social media channels are outlets you'd like to explore, contact us for more information.