Website Design

We believe a website need not be flashy or expensive; but rather be
user-friendly, provide relevant information and build credibility.

Websites for Contract Furniture & Hospitality Reps

Having grown up the son of an interior designer, Kyle has always taken an interest in furniture and design. When we build a site for a furniture or hospitality rep, we lighten their load by pulling as much info as possible from their manufacturers' websites so they don't have to provide any content themselves. This ensures brand consistency across sites, and makes the lead time for a new site much shorter than if we waited for our clients to send us all of the applicable content.

Websites for Architectural Reps

We've been doing websites and marketing for architectural reps for almost a decade now. In fact, prior to taking on Pop & Porter full time, Kyle worked inside an architectural sales agency in Southern California, coordinating bids, creating e-mail blasts, doing marketing research and more. We know the architectural rep business better than any web designer out there.

Websites for General Contractors & Subcontractors

I think we all can agree that a marketing agency that knows your business is going to be better for you than one who doesn't.

So what if your web designer had experience reading plans, checking specs, submitting RFIs, and doing takeoffs? Well, those are all things we've done here in our past lives at P&P. Kyle even day dreams sometimes that if he had to do it all over again, he may have gone into construction straight out of college.

That's the passion we bring to our contractor clients, and since we're not out building buildings, we build websites for builders instead.

Websites for Industrial Distribution / STAFDA

For several years, Kyle was the Marketing Manager at an Inc. 5000 STAFDA fastener distributor. While there, he learned how much a company can get ahead by using today's technology in what can be an otherwise boring industry. If you're in the industrial / hardware / STAFDA space and you don't have a modern, user-friendly website, you're losing business to someone who does.


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